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Connie Tiffs

Connie’s Tiffs : But riyale, who packs food to a hotel? lol

Last week, I stepped out for dinner at a hotel in Bugolobi. At the checking point, I stood behind a seemingly very jolly couple that was in a hurry to finalise with the procedure and stroll in.
The dude let his lady walk through first as he waited behind her. As she went through the process, the female guard asked that she checks her bag, which the lady obliged to. While this was happening, the guard pulled out a container with food; I’m talking meat, chicken, sweet potatoes and steamed bananas (matooke).

Also in the big bag was a huge bottle of coca cola and two tiny packets of splash juice. As the guard pulled out all these items, everyone in the queue looked on in astonishment.
She quickly assured the lady that such items were not allowed into the hotel, so they would have to be confiscated at the entrance or the couple would have to figure out how to deal with the situation.
With the tail between their legs, the couple walked back to the parking area to deal with their embarrassment.

Eh! But people can be bold, huh! Who chooses to set themselves up for such shame? I mean, why visit a hotel of that calibre and carry your own bites as if some of these rules are not obvious? No wonder most people freak out when they see a lady holding a huge bag. I mean, I was also in a state of shock as the items popped out of the bag, one by one sealed off by the smell of food as soon as the bag was opened.

But seriously, who does that? This couple was so embarassed by the guard’s reaction that everyone around stared at them without holding back at all.

Bambi, no one should ever let themselves trade the walk of shame in such a manner. At the end of it all, why visit a place that is beyond your means when there are plenty of options to suit all classes all over Kampala, huh?

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