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Connie Tiffs

Thank you but I will not partake of your challenge


I had never realised how idle some people can be until I saw the interesting ways in which they try to make use of their time.
One such thing that happens lately includes the so-called “Facebook Challenges” that people come up with to oba cement and show off a bit of relevance to the respective categories of people in their life?
I mean if it’s not the “love your spouse challenge”, its the “motherhood challenge” and so on and so forth. In all the above, particular people (who are mainly nominated by friends, commonly on the Facebook social media platform) are tasked to post photos of their loved ones, in celebration of marriage, motherhood, friendship and all the respective categories that may come to mind I guess.
Ahem! Some people really have a lot of time on their hands. Oba who comes up with such ideas? How relevant are such challenges to everyday life? I mean, does one have to wait for a certain nomination by a friend to flash all the “now and then” photos of their marriage experience, for example? Does it even make sense that individuals have to be reminded to appreciate their partners as if it cannot happen everyday in their life? Then imagine the headache of being randomly nominated by a friend to participate when one is not interested at all, huh?
These things of forcing life into a certain direction may not make much sense. Just imagine the task of looking for pictures to post under pressure for a given number of days just to prove a point that you can live up to certain expectations really. The pressure banaye, eeeish!
Anyways, at the end of the day, different people handle life through various angles. These “challenges” although are enjoyable to some should be embraced with a pinch of salt if you catch my drift. While some people may take years to post a photo about their spouse, family blah blah blah, others do it on a daily basis and have the respective captions to match even.
So the brains behind this whole idea should perhaps devise better means of passing time as opposed to this move of challenging the interested and disinterested people into unlocking keys to their respective private life simply because they have been nominated unawares.
Life does not have to always move with the bandwagon, you know?


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