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These things of favouring bazungu should stop

Have you ever walked into a restaurant and watched a muzungu grab the waiter’s attention and ignore you?

Well, this week as I sat at a popular coffee house in Lugogo having lunch, a group of bazungu strolled in, took seats and asked for the menu.

After a few minutes, they asked to speak to the manager. Now, forgive my long ears, but I overheard these chaps requesting the manager to allow them bring in their own bites.

To my dismay, the dude accepted without hesitation. Being the kind of person who does not let such opportunities pass me by, I gave this move a shot too. As in, I called the manager and asked if my lunch-mates, who were arriving in a few seconds, could carry their own bites and have lunch with me. His response: Your guess is as good as mine.

His reason: The bazungu were allowed in because one of their friends had bought food from the restaurant so it was okay for the rest to bring in their own bites.

Like seriously? My head started spinning as fury took over my warm smile. Kyoka this dude! There I was, enjoying a meal with an expensive drink from this restaurant and he rubbished my request like I had ordered the food from elsewhere.

Who hires such people that promote double standards at the expense of their employers? What makes it okay for one to favour one group of people and malice the rest? Funny thing is that some of these weirdos expect heavy tips when they see these Whites, forgetting that we are pretty much the same.

Anyway, this guy was just lucky that I had already been served, so I had to finish my meal, otherwise I would have stormed out and watched him incur losses.
And then we wonder why some businesses in this country do not make it to their first birthday!


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