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Not the first time people are ‘killing’ David Lutalo


Over the weekend, Ugandans were treated to some shocking news – singer David Lutalo was dead! Well, according to some spin mills on social media. The singer who recently held his Manya concert was reported dead on Sunday evening at around 7:30pm, having perished in an accident on Masaka Road.
But the singer only got to know of the rumour at about 8:30pm, which prompted him to clear the air on his official Facebook page.
Speaking to Sqoop magazine, David Lutalo said it is not the first time people are pronouncing him dead. “About a year and a half ago, there was a rumour that I had died of throat cancer which I had been battling for some time,” Lutalo said.
According to the Manya singer, the rumours are started by haters who don’t want to see him alive but with the grace of God, he won’t die anytime soon. Lutalo is currently in the western region where he is holding a couple of shows.

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