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Dolibondo to quit stand-up comedy

Dolibondo cuts a serious look (above). Left, he is the comedian the fans know. PHOTOS BY EDGAR R. BATTE.

Looks like comedian Felix Jesero, call him Dolibondo, is willing to do anything to see his annual Camp Comedy event grow into a bigger brand. The comedian, according to close sources, says he will quit stand-up comedy soon, something he has been doing for about eight years. Reason? To focus on his Camp Comedy project.
Dolibondo said for now he will be rare on stage and when he sets to perform, he won’t take long on stage. During a phone interview, the comedian told us that when he is watching comedy as part of the audience, he gets lots of ideas and that he wants to incorporate some of those ideas in his Camp Comedy events.
Speaking of Camp Comedy, the comedian said he will hold two regional events every year. The next camp comedy event will take place in Nakasongola. Eh! But Nakasongola is too far.

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