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Connie Tiffs

Why go around talking about other people?

We probably see or hear about them on a daily. To the public they may fall under the “public court” category. This kind will be the first to arrive at any scene, give their opinions, castigate the victims and even accord punishment.

While to the rest of the world, they may be referred to as nosy, poorly-groomed people who never mind their business. The self-acclaimed private investigators seemingly have a brochure about every person they cross paths with. Never mind that sometimes they do not even lie in the same circles.
It is a common saying that celebrities face this vice the most, after all, isn’t it at the top that one meets all sorts of people from lost relatives to completely unrelated creatures?

While on a trip to Mombasa last week, I was startled to see a group of girls discussing someone as though they were born from the same womb. Unfortunately, the victim picked everything despite the fact that the ‘gossipers’ believed she did not understand Swahili. None of these girls knew the other but her appearance had them all gossiping and painting her “red” like there was a prize.

Ahem! So one wonders, what does one gain from sticking to another’s back? How can anyone be obsessed with another’s lifestyle to the point that it becomes their business to look out for them, their interests, what they do and the kind of life they live in general? Is there a trophy for such people? What happens after they talk? Do they toast to themselves for a job well done or do they finally realise that it is all wasted energy?

Anyway, society is juxtaposed with such people. People who mind other people’s business. People who find joy in speaking nasty things about others, forgetting that words cannot change someone’s character, personality or way of life.

With the changing times, energies need to be put to better use, as opposed to fighting petty wars, tarnishing images, seeming all ridiculous by claiming one knows another.
Like the saying goes, “a word to the wise…..” I will let us all complete this sentence with a reflection on the message behind it!


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