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Connie Tiffs

Might you be your child’s worst enemy

When the story about the monster maid hit us sometime last year, sorrow gripped most of us. As most of us wore the parents’ shoes, we could not believe how cruel some human beings can be.
Just the other day while stuck in traffic, I watched some dude smoking away with a toddler seated on the passenger seat. All windows were up and smoke filled the car. The little boy, who looked frustrated kept coughing. The two had a striking resemblance, so it almost became obvious to me that they were father and son. What a monster! I mean, what kind of parent places his interests above those of his child?
Many times we throw daggers at people who may ill-treat our children, forgetting that sometimes some parents are their children’s worst enemies.
On another day, I watched a little boy, aged around four years walking around a health centre bare-foot while the mother looked on. To my dismay, he even went to the washrooms without shoes and the mother did nothing to save him from any lingering health hazards. Now what should one make of such situations?
Is it a case of negligence or is it that some parents under the blanket of “the parent knows best” shamelessly cross the line? This is just not right. If a child is not safe in the eyes of their parents, where then will they find safety? If a child cannot exist in the right condition, where will they claim that security at all times?
Some people just love themselves way too much that they forget to accord priority and logic where it is most needed.
An easy way to get a reality check is such people asking themselves; If I was the one in my toddler’s place, would I wish to sit in the car and choke on smoke as my father puffs away or would it make me happy walking to the washrooms at a busy health centre bare-foot? If the answer is yes, then ahem! Lord have mercy!

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