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Pallaso ready to reconcile with former manager Jeff Kiwa

Sometime last week, singer Pallaso hit studio and came out with a song titled Bagwamu! It was a controversial piece of art and Pallaso did not beat around the bush about its direction. “I did this song for Jeff Kiwa. I am just trying to put him in his place!” Pallaso told us.
But just days after its release, Pallaso came out and called for truce, albeit with a stinging message for Jeff!
“Mr Jeff Kiwa was pulling out the oldest tricks in the book attacking my success silently and I responded to show him I am not as dumb as I look. You played the same tricks on Chameleone and together as a team, we played the same tricks on Radio and Weasel and now you try to play me I show you how to play right,” Pallaso wrote in a Facebook post.
However, at the end of the post, Pallaso called for truce as he wrote that he will stop distributing the song and will not release the video ‘if Jeff and his contemporaries desist from attacking his patience again.
“I now cease fire and will not be promoting the Bagwamu anymore, but if any of my comrades try to attack my patience, whether directly or indirectly, I will introduce the chopper in #Part2. I propose peace but if it fails then force will be the option,” Pallaso wrote.
We are yet to see if Pallaso will keep his word.

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