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Miscommunication got us fired from Big Talent — Geosteady


For some reason, singer Geosteady has managed to have his name and music heard more since he parted ways with former boss, Eddy Kenzo.
Geosteady says it is because he had no one to run to anymore. Well, he now loves to refer to himself as one of ‘Uganda’s fastest rising artistes’ and Geosteady told us that he doesn’t regret his former boss’ decision to fire him.
During an interview on one of the radio stations in Kampala, the Same Way singer explained why he was dismissed from Kenzo’s Big Talent: “It was poor communication between management and the singers, nothing else.”
In December last year, Geosteady was dismissed from Big Talent along with another singer- Tip Swizzy, for allegedly not turning up at shows where they were supposed to perform.
“We were dismissed because we did not perform at shows, but see, we were never informed about the shows in time,” he said.
In a related development, Geosteady also revealed that they never had any form of binding agreement with Big Talent. However, the singer said he still has very immense respect for Kenzo and loves him as a brother.
Geosteady revealed that he is currently managed by Richmond promos – a little known UK-based company.

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