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The dreads master: Joseph is the owner of Ras Salon which is famous for dreadlocks. He says his main reason for opening up the salon was because he loved seeing neat and properly twisted dreadlocks.

Where do you operate from?
Energy Centre, Level 2, Shop E47.

Where did you learn to do dreadlocks from?
I learnt to twist dreads from Joses World of Dreadlocks.

What type of dreadlocks do you do?
We do all kinds of dreadlocks and besides that, we also expanded the salon to cater for all trendy hairstyles for women.

How long does it take to make dreadlocks?
It depends on what the client wants, but in most cases; it can take just one hour.

How many clients can you work on in a day?
I can work on up to 20 clients or even more.

What is the difference between plaiting dreadlocks and other hairstyles?
Dreadlocks take a little more time to make, compared to other hairstyles, and they are expensive to make.

How much are dreadlocks?
Shs100,000, Shs150,000 and Shs250,000.

How much do you earn in a month from this business?
It depends on how many people I have worked on. But usually, I make between Shs2m and Shs3m.

How do you spend all that profit?
I have about seven employees to pay and my rent is Shs855,000.

Why did you pick interest in hair?
I love to see good-looking people.

What are the advantages of doing this job?
It gives you exposure, but connections is the most I have gotten out of this job. And besides, I am earning a living out of it.

And the disadvantages?
It is tiresome, every client’s perception is different and some clients are hard to satisfy.


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