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I am worth so much more – Chameleone


Never be so sure about what is likely to stir so much dust in our banana republic.One of the most trending topics last week, was singer Chameleone’s new shoes!
It all started after the singer posted pictures of two pairs of his newly acquired Nike Air Mag shoes. Chameleone then included a link in his post indicating that he had acquired each pair of the shoes at a whopping $12,500 (about Shs42.5m U), hence two pairs at Shs85m!
Many people congratulated Chameleone, but even many more posted insults and countered the singer’s allegations by posting Internet links that indicated that the shoes went for way less.
Well, the whole social media buzz did not go down with Chameleone, who would later wonder why “Ugandans always want to put each other down!” and it was in the heat of the moment that Chameleone posted a photo of his new mansion on his wall. The singer later told us that he wanted to show Ugandans that while they are bothered and collided over shoe prices, there is much more they are yet to learn about him.
“I have worked hard and I deserve what I get. While they tear each other apart over shoes, here are some more fruits of hard work; I want people to understand that I am not showing off; I am just being true to my worth,” Chameleone said. We have since established that Chameleone bought the house in the photos recently and it is located in Kakungulu Estate along Entebbe road.
Chameleone promised to take us to his new mansion “at the right time”. We shall wait!

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