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Gitawo offers helping hand to M-Lisada Orphanage



Cameroon Gitawo hasn’t been on the social scene until last year but the things he’s doing will certainly have a lasting impact on many people’s lives.
The South African based Ugandan a few weeks back donated scholastic materials for the ‘Triplets’ dancing group as well as paying for their school dues and the latest we have received is that Gitawo alongside his ‘The Money Team’ (TMT) colleagues ran to the aide of M-LISADA orphanage home in Nsambya by providing them with food and other home materials.

Prior to the help from Gitawo, the orphanage had organized a campaign where the public had to travel half their journey through public means and then donate the rest of the money to the organization in a campaign called ‘Walk for a cause’.

So upon hearing this campaign, the money-bags decided to intervene and come to the orphanage rescue with items worth over shs3million. Among the items he gave them include bunches of matooke, sacks of rice and sugar, soap among others


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