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Date with a celeb : Ceaserous talks about project with Rick Ross


Thinking big: If you have listened to his music, you will hear the line Mukama Wamanyi. Ceaserous now tells his fan, Julius Brians Tusingwire, that the tagline, which means God is Great, is his trademark. The two met and the Into You singer shares his new year plans and how he balances school and music.

What is your real name?
Solomon Ssentongo.

What have you been up to?
I have a lot in store for my fans this year; I am working on some projects. I managed to do wonders with God’s help as the year was ending. Entuyo was doing great and it is the first single off my latest album. Fall In Love is also doing good, Nice and Good, which was shot by Godfather, will be released to the public soon. I also have a project with Rick Ross that will be released soon as well as other bigger artistes.

What inspires you as an artiste and the type of music you do?
I do Afro Pop, dancehall and reggae, and my inspiration comes from real life situations because whenever I see an opportunity, I sit down and come up with ideas, but I also engage other people to see their views. This helps me come up with good stuff.

I noticed a change in the type of music you do from what you did before. What made you change?
I rebranded to a better Ceaserous from the previous one people knew because of the love and support you guys have always showered me. That support motivated me to change a few things about myself.

What should we expect from the new you in the next three years?
I believe I have achieved a lot in a short time and I believe my music is going to be on the international market. I am working on getting awards such as the Grammys. The achievements are boundless and my vision is big, all because the God I believe in can make it happen.

I see you investing so much in music videos. Why do you travel abroad to shoot videos yet we have everything back home?
We have good videographers in Uganda but I am looking for something that can compete on the international market. But I still work with our own.

Do you have anything else that occupies you besides music?
I do, but most of the time, it is music. I spend a lot of time in studio and most of the times I sleep there. But in my free time, I am in church, watching movies, travelling and hanging out at resorts or sailing, appreciating nature.

I am a Law student and I find trouble balancing books and my other businesses. How do you do it?
I cannot say everything comes easy but a lot comes out of sacrifice so you have to prioritise and see which comes first, depending on the time you have. Sometimes you have to put certain things on hold.

Your fan base increases every day, should we expect a concert soon?
God blessed us last year and we give Him the glory for that. We expect more than a concert because we are looking forward to a lot of things. On November 20, we had an unveiling party at Asylum Bar in Kiwatule and it was successful. On February 14, my management (Candy Entertainment), is preparing something big at MTN Arena.

I have heard some people saying you are not Ugandan.
I was born and raised in Entebbe and I told you my name.

Did you finish school?
I am pursuing a Bachelors in Transport and Logistics Management at Mbubs and I am in my last semester.

How do you rate yourself?
Ugandans have a tendency of rating people to be good when they are even better so I am beyond good.

What happened to your singing partner, Smash?
He is there. In fact, I talked to him a few hours ago. We are good and we are brothers. No beef between us.

Do you have a girlfriend?
I am looking for one but the problem is that I am a workaholic and women need someone who gives them time.

What is your trademark?
Mukama Wa Manyi (God is great).


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