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Connie’s tiffs : That resolutions line is tired and boring

As the new year begins, so much is happening. I mean, with particular individuals. While some are busy braving the moment of truth, having realised that they did not meet their expectations this year as planned, others are busy making New Year resolutions.

Oba when will some people stop wasting time making resolutions they will never meet?

Isn’t it clear already that most of these resolutions are never met? One wonders why we set ourselves up for disappointment.
Is it so hard for someone to just enjoy every moment as it unfolds without making wishes, swearing to make it happen only for things to backfire eventually?

While some might attain their goals as planned, it is about time we all realised that none of us knows our beginning and end. None of us planned our existence and in the same way, none of us can determine what the new year has in store for us.

So, enough of this headache in the name of New Year’s resolutions because frankly speaking, the line has become boring.
Just enjoy every blessing that comes your way without attaching a time line to it. This purely because life is a puzzle and we might never know when the right pieces will fall to place.
So just save yourself the pressure and enjoy the new year!


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