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Connie Tiffs

Connie’s tiffs :Understand illuminati before you open your mouth

This “Illuminati craze” is something I have tried to ignore for a while but from the look of things, society will try to shove it down our throats at any opportunity. I did not know that success stories hardly make sense anymore, to the point that some people believe that the only way most people attain success is by belonging to the “Illuminati cult”- a clan attributed to the devil, with massive wealth rewards.
It is ridiculous how after the entertainment industry saw the sudden death of 13-year-old Alex Sempijja, one of the dancers in Eddy Kenzo’s Sitya Loss video, a group of people attributed his death to, Illuminati and blamed the artiste for offering the boy as a sacrifice to the devil in exchange for success. Please note that this craziness was making rounds even after the news was made clear that the boy was involved in a bicycle accident.
Now, is success such an abnormal thing that society will look for vague justifications for unfortunate incidents?
It is even worse when one does not understand what illuminati is and they blubber at any given opportunity.
While it might not make sense to rule out the existence of this cult, it makes a lot of sense to understand it without necessarily boggling down someone’s hard-earned success.
And while at it, let us also take time to define wealth because with all due respect, in many of these situations where artistes talk of making it, and blow so much about being “loaded” and all, to one who knows what entails wealth it comes off as laughable. Apart from living a fairly comfortable life, many of us do not see the “insane wealth” that people claim has been amassed by these illuminati-tagged artistes. Our artistes have nothing compared to their counterparts on the international scene who have been popularly tied to the same cult.
So can we all get realistic and stop acting like a brainwashed lot meant to cause unnecessary alarm each time we want to “sour grape” or fail to come to terms with a situation. Let’s end that uncalled for annoying “illuminati line”- it is just crazy!

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