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Connie Tiffs

Connie’s Tiffs :Naye people and exploiting the Xmas season

The festive season is here and everyone is getting cleverer. I am talking about the thieves, smart beggars who all have one target – making it through the season.
This week I landed on such a person and ended up getting the shock of my life.
As I manoeuvered around The Oasis Shopping Mall searching for a mobile money agent, I found a guard seated outside the mobile money shop , which was closed at that time.
I asked him if the shop was closed and he said it was but he could help.
“I can let you enter and you will be served, but you have to give me something for Christmas. It is a must and my boss is aware about it,” he said.
Now at this point I wondered how someone can give an order like that (the boss to this guard and the guard to me).
I also wondered if these two were aware of the implications their actions had on the particular telecom company they were representing. Furious, I asked the chap again if this was an order and if it was, why they had to close the shop and issue such a directive. Why not leave it open over night and put a disclaimer that all customers were supposed to give the guard “Christmas”?
I just walked away in anger. Some people can really be bold. While it is okay for someone to try and make a living, they should not go to such extremes.
I mean, people have lost all shame and give orders like they make the money!
People ought to get serious. As for the thieves who come up with all sorts of tactics, including slapping and breaking car windows in traffic jam, may God help them and the victims.
I guess with all this drama happening, someone needs to keep alert while they enjoy the festive season. So, enjoy with all your senses on look out!

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