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The track : Ofuuse oluyimba – Iryn Namubiru


Once upon a time, Iryn Namubiru was a songbird everyone wanted to listen to or invite at an event. She definitely has been hibernating from the charts, so we wonder whether it is age causing this. Well, she has not been dormant. The singer has been working on music wherever she has been. One of her recent tracks is Ofuuse Oluyimba, an inspirational track any music lover would try out. Ofuuse Oluyimba simply means you have become my song. To no one’s surprise, Iryn still manifests her vocal capabilities on this track, jumbling rhythmic pitches of notes from verse to verse.
In the first verse she sings of the love of her creator and how it has taken her over the skies. She describes Him as a green light that has always encouraged her to strive higher. In her second verse she declares how she is a different person from the past and she does not regret her new self. She then praises the creator for exposing her enemies who rant discouraging chants but she has never fallen.
The storyline of the song is heart-lifting but there is more Iryn should have added to this song. Among these things is the instrumentals which are so average, if she added stronger acoustics or even a saxophone. At the end of the song Iryn should have engulfed listeners with a high noted climax.

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