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Connie’s tiffs :Halloween in Kampala… smh!

So Halloween came, passed and we had a group of wannabes all up and about, trying so hard to fit into the picture complete with costumes while joining in the celebrations.
Ahem! Some Ugandans can be funny also. I wonder if such people know how weird they look as they try so hard to catch up with some of these foreign trends.
You know when something has not been part of your life, trying it out and expecting to look normal is almost impossible. For example, when the Christmas season is here, it comes naturally and everyone fits into the picture somehow because it is something we have grown up enjoying.
But Halloween? C’mon please! Oba the sooner we understand that we do not have to follow everything from the West, the better for us, Especially, if the meaning behind of that whole event has never even registered home.
Like seriously, here in Uganda, for example, the dead are celebrated, depending on different cultures.
Now when we see a group of wannabes trying to wear scary costumes mbu to celebrate the dead all in the name of copying a trend, it just beats my understanding.
On top of looking fake, these chaps look too misplaced! At the end of the day, why try so hard really, huh?


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