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Weasel not bothered by Samira kissing fellow girl


A photo of Weasel’s baby mama Samira Tumi kissing a fellow girl has been making rounds on social media since last weekend. Samira, who was in a hangout, was seen passionately kissing another girl who goes by the Facebook name Tafleh Hany.
Many people lashed out at Samira for engaging in such an act, expressing their dismay through posts on social media.
Samira’s lover, – singer Weasel, who was in Dubai for a couple of concerts over the weekend, remained silent about the matter. But sources close to the singer told us that he wasn’t moved even when he saw the photos. “He (Weasel) said she (Samira) wasn’t the first woman to kiss a fellow woman for the fun of it. He said fashion designer Sylvia Owori kissed Zari but it didn’t mean anything. He insisted she (Samira) was simply having fun,” a source told us.
Some sources told us that Samira and Hany are very close childhood friends and are very fond of each other, hence “their emotions coupled with a few drinks might have taken a toll on them.”

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