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Not all artistes are part of the Tubonga nawe crew-Bana Mutibwa


Bana Mutibwa is a hip hop artiste whose star is yet to shine in the secular circles. However, a week back he released a freestyle rap in which he hits back, or rather reply to Tubonga Nawe, a song on which a number of top artistes feature, singing praises and affirming their support for incumbent, President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, who is contesting in the 2016 elections.  Mutibwa thinks that these artistes are not true to themselves and are simply driven by greed and not singing from the heart but their mouths, literary. He outted Tetubonga nawe, a reactionary, voicing frustrations that downplays the first track.

What’s the title of the song?
It’s title is Tetubonga nawe. It is more of a free style than actually an actual song.

What inspired the song?
It is basically like a reply putting together frustrations of the people based on the tubonga nawe song. I think an artiste needs to come out and make the point clear that it’s actually not all artistes are agreeing with the tubonga nawe song and that is what I did

What are the frustrations of the people you are raising?
As you hear in the song I talk about police brutality and how women are being treated at the moment. These are issues that according to my opinion needed to be addressed. So I am asking the artists who featured on the Tubonga Nawe song to address these issues to the president.

What is your opinion on artistes on the Tubonga Nawe song or project?
I think artistes who featured on the song have their rights to represent, support or be politically sided but I think they needed to address absolute truth. That is why it actually got negative feedback from day one.


What is the absolute truth?
The issues that happene in Uganda. Poverty, Women misrepresentation, lack of democracy, Police Brutality among others

Do you think artistes are commercially driven?
Artistes have always been commercially driven. That is how they survive and I think a lot of them deep down inside would wish to have done a song that addresses these issues but that is not in the interests of their client.

What should be the traditional or conventional role of artistes?
That goes from artiste to artiste. But according to me, it would be to act as the voice for the people and represent the misrepresented.

What reaction has your song elicited?
It has elicited mixed reactions, first of all I didn’t do the song for any political party or leader, but because Kizza Besigye (opposition Forum For Democratic Change (FDC) leader) posted the song on his official Facebook page, a lot of people thought I did the song in support of him. Then I have seen others thinking that I am an upcoming artiste serching for fame in any means necessary. But most of all it’s been very positive feedback from the general public.

How have you received the feedback?
I mean everybody is entitled to their opinion and those that have been following my music are not surprised because that is the kind of music I have been making for a long time. I did my creativity job and left the rest to the general public.

Has the reaction been in form of phone calls, text messages, or social media?
A bunch of this and that. Mostly social media though; Facebook and twitter

Can you share some of it?
Someone I don’t want to mention sent me their conversation with Hon. Then I had to tell him I am not in any way politically sided. I am making music for the people. Among other positive feedbacks – Lord Gichohi Nderitu (When history is rewritten many years to come after we are all gone…It’s heroes like you our children that will be read about all over Africa…I didn’t understand your music since am Kenyan but I have passionately followed your story of revolution ,freedom and it’s artistes like you that were said to be the voice of civilization
…Follow the story of Eric Wainana I see him in you…Aluta Continua!!!)

Are you working on any projects?
I will be working on a few more songs for change in the coming days. they will all be shared on my official Facebook page

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