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Bebe Cool pimps Hummer with Museveni images


Call him arrogant, insensitive and all you want, but Bebe Cool is in his own world. The singer is standing by his decision to support President Museveni and he says he will go all the distance in defending his rights, despite receiving social media flack as one of the 12 Ugandan artistes who released the Tubonga Nawe song last Friday, drumming up support for President Museveni’s 2016 election campaign.
And to prove he means his words, Bebe has taken even a bolder step by pimping his Hummer with posters of Tubonga Naawe.
And to further re-emphasise that he will not bow to criticism, Bebe went ahead and shared pictures of his car with President Museveni’s posters on his Facebook wall on Wednesday. The photos attracted more criticism while members of his Gagamel Phamily also retaliated by shooting down most of the castigators.
But through all this, Bebe remains tightlipped on how much he was offered to make such bold statements unlike the past where he came out as a subtle Musevenist.
“This is my right and no one can intimidate me. If I could choose President Museveni over my own father, then who out there thinks they can dwarf me not to pronounce my well-known support for the old man with a hat? And if you think it’s just about money, I feel sorry for you,” Bebe told us.

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