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Connie Tiffs

Connie’s Tiffs : What’s wrong with a lady dining by herself?


We have seen the word “independent women” used on many different occasions. Those who claim to or fall in that category will always be seen enjoying life together and doing what they feel suits the picture.

And that should not be a problem, right? Why then has society failed to come to terms with a woman stepping out on her own?
Just the other day while at a popular Indian restaurant in kololo, a Kampala suburb, I saw a lady braving castigating eyes as she walked in to enjoy dinner all by herself.
She held her head up high. As she got in, one of the waiters paused that popular question: “a table for how many, madam?” “Just me, a table for one,” she responded.
The shocked ears from the eavesdroppers were quickly backed by castigating eyes as she made way to her table.
The coupled up ladies almost asked their spouses to leave as the men ogled on. Others got really uncomfortable and could not stop at throwing judging eyes as if this lady had committed the biggest offense in life.
The waiter in shock even asked her what she was doing all by herself and after reading the disgusted look on her face, he decided to mind his business.
What is wrong with a woman stepping out solo? Why is it hard for society to acknowledge the fact that this dinner business is not for dating couples only but anyone who feels like they want to enjoy a well-cooked meal that they can afford?
Is it a case of being too “local” that certain things fail to register? A case of insecurity? I just do not get it.
Clearly, by the time hell breaks loose because a smart, beautiful lady has walked into an expensive restaurant to have a good time, then we need a lot of work.
Although by now, we should all be used to the fact that not everything has to rotate around what we are used to. Things have changed and I see no reason in judging one who has taken it upon themselves to do what makes them happy just because we think it is awkward. Let’s move on people.

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