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Aamito tips aspiring model


super model: Stacie Lagum Aamito has strutted her stuff on the catwalks of the leading fashion capitals of the world, from London, to Milan, New York and Paris. Her gates to the elite fashion world were opened after winning Africa’s Next Top Model competition in 2013. She takes her fan Moreen Mungu, an aspiring model, through her career.

How best would you describe yourself?
I don’t know how I would exacty describe myself. I would say I’m calm, very intelligent, composed and focused. But it’s other people who should describe me, not myself.

How many shows do you think you have done in your international modelling career?
Wow. They are so many. I have done magazine photo-shoots, runways, billboards and so forth. Maybe 30. I am not sure.

What has been your favourite show?
That was when I opened the Balenciaga 2015 Fall show in Paris, France. It was such an honour and privilege for me to headline the event. Kanye West and Kim Kardashian were all present at the event. There was also a time when I travelled to Albania. I was the only black person on the plane and I was scared that I would be put in a museum.

Have you been treated differently from other models in your career as a black model?
All my experiences have been great. I haven’t experienced any hardships so far because they treat us all the same way.

Tell me about your modeling background?
I began my career when I was 15 years old with Arapapa Models and then linked up with Gloria Wavamuno and Adele, among others. These guys shaped me into who I am. When I started out, it wasn’t about the money but more about the experience.

Are you dating anyone?
Apparently not.

I’m just too be busy for relationships.

Who is you ideal man?
I’m attracted to brains. Guys who are intelligent are sexy and intriguing.

How did your family feel when you started modelling?
Like any other African family, they were disappointed at first. They thought I was crazy but with time, they got used to it and are now supportive and happy for me.

Has this fame changed you in anyway?
I don’t think it has. I have the same friends and same WhatsApp groups. I still cook and do the dishes when I have time.

What survival guides would you recommend an aspiring model like me to have?
All I can tell you is keep pushing on. Nothing is easy. You just have to keep trying because the international scene is just the beginning. Ugandan standards are the basics. Have confidence and be around people who are true to you.

After winning Africa’s Next Top Model contest, didn’t you get rejected in the US?
Let me tell you this. You are not fit for all the looks. Yes, I’ve been rejected in some places but so have others. I understand that in this business it’s not personal. You just have to make the client love you.

What don’t people know about you?
I’m so sorry but I can’t share that with the public.

Who do you look up to?
That would be my mum. She’s hardworking and smart. I also look up to Oluchi, who is behind Africa’s Next Top Model. She gave me the opportunity to become who I am today. I also love listening to Oprah’s speeches.

Don’t you get homesick?
I do, especially when I’m in Paris. There are a few Africans in the fashion business over there, but New York feels like home, because of the diverse African races and cultures.

What advice would you give people like us who want to be like you?
Keep doing. Dreams can’t be achieved without doing, otherwise I would tell you to buy a bigger bed to keep dreaming. Action has taken me this far.

How tall and heavy are you?
I’m 5’11 and a half ft. When I measured myself five days ago, I weighed 58kgs.

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