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Connie Tiffs

Connie’s tiffs :Zari should take a chill pill


So socialite wannabe Zari Hassan, recently gave birth to a baby girl (congratulations) and did the obvious-flashed the pics and news all over social media. Clearly, despite the congratulatory messages received from a couple of people, some individuals were brutal, throwing all sorts of comments and relating her “busy dating life” to the innocent baby. Harsh huh?
I cannot help but wonder about her expectations when she posts pictures about her private life. Is it so hard to see that the less “private info” one puts out there, the more they protect their loved ones? I cannot imagine having to deal with a bunch of “unknowns” disrespectfully discussing my private life, calling me all sorts of names at a time when I should be celebrating “woman’s greatest gift (motherhood).
And while we can be quick at judging the public and asking them to be a little sensitive, in some situations we cannot ignore the fact that one chooses to empower everyone that cares with information that could be used against her. For example, Zari will flash her chain of relationships, in everyone’s face. The funny thing is that she does it all by herself. I think she has this illusion that she is so important and society would die if she did not update us on what’s happening in her life.
One would think that her current boyfriend, Tanzanian artiste Diamond Platnumz’s laid back personality would rub on to her and make her act like the mature woman she should be, take a chill pill, and stop feeling obligated to inform all and sundry about her tiny details. But eeish.. The babe won’t stop.
Anyway I guess those are the repercussions of having unfinished business with almost everyone and the best way to get back at them is to keep the updates open to the public eye, hoping that the “target audience” will get the message.
I actually do not think she cares much about those harsh comments. Whether one calls her all sorts of names, “the bosslady”- like she calls herself (oba of where) does not seem to care.
That said, I think she needs to know when to press hard on the brakes and when to keep going. She needs to know how to tactfully remain relevant to the people that matter without shooting yourself in the foot. I mean wasn’t the fact that her reality TV show on UBC flopped, enough to show her that going on and on about life’s little private achievements does not sell, but just makes one seem like a total blonde?
Yeah this lady should take a chill pill on trying to make everyone see that she is a “go getter”, “a fighter”, “happy and blessed beyond measure” because that’s her business.


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