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Connie’s tiffs :Remember you go out to have fun not to wage war


In Uganda, “happening” like most people call it, is a necessary evil. Most times though, people step out to lose the plot. I mean I have manoeuvered the night life in Kampala, and seen all sorts of bizarre things happening and wondered what it is with people losing their heads when they step out to have fun?
A case in point is the recent tragedy where a one Johnnie Ahimbisibwe lost his life after he was reportedly hit with a glass by Ivan Kamyuka at Club Guvnor last weekend.
Such an unfortunate incident, huh? But it is a learning lesson for the rest of us. What is so hard about sticking to one’s initial motives (having fun) when going out? What is so hard about minding one’s own business, respecting another’s space and having clean fun without any unnecessary confrontation?
I wish we could all stick to that and save each other the headache that comes with violence, verbal fights and clear displays of poor anger management skills among others!
I mean it does not make sense when some people take the trouble to blame the club management. That is insane because at the end of the day, management can only do much; it cannot take care of anyone who chooses to lose their senses.
So how about we just lived carefully, respected each other and ensured that we have clean fun each time we choose to step out?


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