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NTV starts campus show tomorrow

NTV will start airing Campus Edge, a new show target students in tertiary institutions at 7.30pm tomorrow.
According to Helen Lugada, one of the show’s producers, it focuses on the lives of campus students and it covers all the issues that matter to them like news, relationships, health tips, trends and so on.  The show is created and produced by Smart Ads. The producers of the show said, “Students go to university to study and to have fun. Campus Edge will give them both.”
“With more than half of the target audience already living their lives online, we shall engage them on social media too with a dedicated YouTube channel for the show.”
“The show will  also be enjoyed  by  parents  as they will get to see how their children live life in the grad lane,” Lugada said.
Campus Edge is hosted by 24-year-old Patricia Conzowah, a graduate Logistics and Procurement Management from Kyambogo University.

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