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Sqoop – Get Uganda entertainment news, celebrity gossip, videos and photosSqoop – Get Uganda entertainment news, celebrity gossip, videos and photos


Date with a celeb : Chilling with Mikie


The sulubada master: Mikie Wine is responsible for nurturing big artistes such as Kenzo and Maro through his Sulubada school. The artiste says he feels happy when they are doing great because at the end of the day, they graduated from his camp. He explains this and more to his fan Erisa Kambo.

What is your real name? Michael Mukwaya. How old are you? 26 years. When did you start singing professionally? In 2008 after my Senior Six, with Yanimba, alongside Maro, as my breakthrough song. But previously, I had songs like Number One with Cindy, and Akabadi, among others. How does it feel being Bobi Wine’s brother? It feels great but I would have felt the same even if he was not my brother. It is always a blessing to have siblings regardless of their position or name in society. How did it feel when AK47 passed on? It felt so bad, in fact I am still mourning his death because we were in the same age group and he was the person I was always compared to in music. What is your biggest song and why? Namata because it sounds new every time I listen to it. And what is your best song from another artiste right now? Gundezze by King Saha. How would you categorise your music style? I can do all styles, that is why I combined it to Sulubada music. What is Sulubada all about? It is a music school where people graduate when they excel and are demoted when they fail. I have a good number of artistes who will become household names in the future, just like Kenzo and Maro. How far did you go with your education? I did my primary, secondary and two courses at Makerere University and Kampala International University. I studied Arts in Drama and Business Administration, but did not complete the courses. I went to school to learn, not to simply pass, because the two have a difference. I am achieving what I learnt from my two courses. Are you the last born in your family? I have been hearing that a lot, but I am the second last on my mother’s side, but I do not exactly know what position I am on my father’s side. Where did you get that Mikie Wine name? Bobi Wine named me that. My family says I am the funniest and they keep relating me to Mikie Mouse, the cartoon, and the Wine name came in because my tunes make people dance like they have taken wine.

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