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Date with a celeb : Sizza says UG music is stagnant


Raggamuffin: As other artistes think they are progressing to the international level, Sizzaman, real name Andrew Kayemba, believes otherwise and he explains this and more to his fan Mark.

You always mention Mukono 11 in your songs. What is the meaning of Mukono 11?
Having been born in Mukono, Nabuti. Mukono 11 was my address.

When did you realise you wanted to be a musician?
Back when I was a child. I had that feeling, but I wanted to get involved at the right time and 2011 was when I joined music commercially with songs like Wampamba, Mafalanga, Konna and China Phone, among others.

Why do you have so many tattoos on your body?
When I got my first tattoo, something pushed me to get another and then another. I realised tattoos are addictive and I will only get done when I have covered my whole body.

What topics do you look at when writing your songs?
I look at real events that transpire in people’s life for example Mafalanga is about money and every woman loves money. And money will never be enough however much we work.

When should we expect your first concert?
After four years in music, I now believe I’m ready to have an album launch. I want to make a mark, not like these other artistes who hold concerts every year, but with few songs that can’t satisfy the audience.

Do you entirely survive on music?
I have a business. I import home appliances from China and Dubai.

If given a chance, what would you change about the Uganda’s entertainment?
I would emphasise on professionalism. Out of 100 people in the media, you find two are only qualified and with music, everyone wants to have a go at being an artiste.

How would you define a musician?
Musicians are categorised in three groups. First, there are the money minded type, these are into music for money purposes, they don’t have any strategy. Then there are talented artistes who are born to do music.  They know their weaknesses and key areas, they are patient, focused, determined and have vision. Then there are the influenced type who want to try out music because so and so has been successful.

What has been the driving force to your success?

Why were you quiet last year?
A talented artiste doesn’t have to rush. I took my time so that I could release quality stuff for my fans. You will realise that however fast Usain Bolt is, he can never beat Stephen Kiprotich in a marathon.

How do you feel when artistes copy your style and name? The likes of Diziza, Zizza Bafana, etc?
It’s so difficult to copy my style because I’m original and I’m privileged to have set the standards.

Are you married?
I’m single but might surprise you anytime from now.

How do you define a hit and nice song?
Hit songs don’t fade away. They are songs that still make an impact 10 years later and have crossed borders for example Mic ya Ziigy D, Tindatine etc while Nice songs are just for the moment. They are good but fade away after a short period of time.

What do you think of Ugandan music?
It’s stagnant because we have no record labels like in Nigeria and South Africa. What many think are labels are just management groups. We no longer get money from album sales but survive on concerts, the audio and video editors are not qualified to do the job, corporate companies are just exploiting us. In Nigeria and South Africa, it’s the media channels that pay artistes when they play their music but in Uganda, it vice versa.

What are your future plans?
I would like to start up a music academy that does everything. Teaching music instruments, Deejays, video and audio production, dancing, among others.

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