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Connie Tiffs

Connie’s tiffs : Selfies at funerals!

The selfies’ craze caught everyone by storm and we let it be. However, if only certain people exercised a little etiquette amid the excitement of taking one, it would save us all a great deal.
For example, what is the point of taking a selfie at a funeral? I was shocked recently by one chick who dashed to a friend grieving the loss of a dear one and requested her to take a selfie with her. I looked on startled as always while the bold babe went on to take the pic regardless of the flowing tears and evident pain from her friend.
Jeez… and what’s the whole point?  Does it make sense to have a selfie of almost everything and everyone from the mourners to the corpse as if it is a wedding ceremony?
To date, I have sought the motive behind this crazy drama and failed to find the answers. Do these people ever realise how ridiculous they look, raising those phones, and flashing smiles at a time when they should all be sad?
So when one takes a photo of the grave, the grieving people, the corpse and everything else at the burial what happens? They share with the world and then what? Doesn’t it amuse you how everything has been tuned to fall under the umbrella “plot”? Even when it does not make sense at all?
I mean, a death announcement goes and everyone who knew the dead person starts thinking around the lines of what will I wear, how should I make the grand arrival and what will be done to ensure that everyone knows I was there in flesh and blood, and I knew all about the dead person (as if the world cares)?
Oba what happened to grieving and remaining sane especially when saying goodbye to the dead? It even gets shocking when the people doing this are probably closest family.!  You see a pic of one standing next to the grave plus a matching caption like “RIP grandmother” posted and it makes me go –like, what are they thinking?
Is it the desperate effort to grab more sympathy or is it just one way of trying so hard to express how they feel, only to end up looking as ridiculous as it can get? Please do not give me that “celebrating the dead” line because even as we do that, it can happen with some level of sensitivity and common sense.
Yes, enough common sense for one to know that there is nothing exciting about death and the sensitivity to attach respect where it is due.
Now I do not see that happening by taking a selfie with the corpse, graveyard, grieving friends and family blah blah blah!

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