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Connie Tiffs

Connie’s tiffs : Say thing as they are

Last week as I perused through one of the tabloids, I caught sight of an interview of, local artiste Grace Nakimera’s discussion about her career, relationship, blah blah blah.

In there, Nakimera was asked if she is married and in her response, she said stuff like; I do not believe in Church marriage manya him (her spouse) and I had a traditional ceremony at home where he met my parents, etc; I trust you all know those fake lines that can just bore one stiff.

Is it just me or does anyone else have an issue with mediocrity? I mean the question reads: Are you married or not? Then the answer comes in endless circles as if it was never clear? Anyways why I am bothering is because such cases only happen when one is struggling to prove a point but at the back of their mind, the conscience is reading it out in black and white that; you are not married as per the core definition, simple!

In so many cases, the “Nakimeras” walk around, assuring everyone that they do not believe in Church marriages, yet take the trouble to flaunt fake rings on their third fingers and tell tales about years spent together in matrimony yet in actual sense they are co-habiting or have simply had a mini family “meet and greet” session.

The last time I checked, marriage simply means; a holy and divinely established covenant between a man and a woman. Now you may wish to throw the traditional marriage, customary marriage jazz at me but hey, we all know what counts most and I will not waste my precious time breaking it down to the last detail.

So what is with the drama of painting the wrong pictures all the time and backing it up with even lousier lines like; “I do not believe in Church marriages”? Mehhnnn…. If you are a chick in Africa (mainly) and your conversations ever get to such extremes please note that you have two choices. To either snap out of the fake tales and chose reality (which is less strenuous) or continue your way to theatre, live the daily lie and ceaselessly look like you are insane while giving a go at fooling every sane adult.

I mean such people should at least attach value to those who are legally married, have worked for it and can proudly talk about years in the institution with their heads up high without belittling it to just common relationships that might never equate to the fulfillment behind walking down the aisle.

It’s about time chicks learnt to call a spade a spade. The next time one is asked if they are married or not, and they have not gone to

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