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Joel Isabirye’s new catch Lillian Mukasa had two introductions in the pas


This afternoon, it’s rumoured that radio consultant Joel Isabirye will be introduced by yet another woman identified as Lillian Mukasa.
Mukasa who Isabirye introduced on his Facebook wall as a business manager for a consultancy company sometime back, will be the fourth woman to introduce him to her parents after three others that included Rebecca Jjingo, whom he married in December 2013. Jjingo and Isabirye parted ways last year with Isabirye accusing her of allegedly stealing his Shs 30m.
While Isabirye remains tightlipped about the new rumours involving his plans to formalise his relationship with Mukasa, his friends didn’t seem to have received a memo about the same. Close friends confirmed to us that they will be in Mukono later today to escort their buddy as he officially gets introduced to his new sweetheart’s parents.
While Isabirye has a track record of formalising relationships and dumping women with a new woman easily, a source close Mukasa told us that the radio consultant should anticipate a perfect match in Mukasa.
According to the source, Mukasa has had two introduction ceremonies before, in which she introduced different men to her parents. The source confirmed that Mukasa, who is already a mother, will not find any hurdles in playing Isabirye’s game if the radio consultant ever chooses to dump her and move on with a new bride.
Isabirye refused to comment on the allegations but he didn’t not deny the impending introduction that is rumoured to happen this afternoon.

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