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Bebe Cool plans to resurrect Chizzo, Kuklee and Myco Chris’ music careers

In his musical journey, there are names that feature prominently as Bebe Cool’s musical influences and among them are Chizzo, Kuklee and Myco Chris. Unfortunately, they are no longer common names on the social scene or music industry.
However, Bebe Cool talks about the above as some of the greatest musicians Uganda had when he was starting his music career. The three sought greener pastures in the UK ages ago. Chizzo was the first to return home a few years back, and Myco followed suit, by returning a few weeks back. And we have it on good record that Kuklee will be here in a few weeks’ time.
Unlike several Ba-summers that return home for fun, the three will be in the country for serious business. During a conversation with Bebe over the weekend, the singer told us that he is behind the return of Kuklee and Myco Chris.
“I told them, look, my music is now well defined and it’s going places. I told them to come home and we sit and cook stuff that will overtake the Nigerians and reach all corners of the world. I did this because I still believe they are some of the greatest musicians I have ever known from home.”
Bebe told us that they are already working on a few projects with Chizzo and Myco as they wait for Kuklee. “I shall officially unveil some of our works at my Go Mama album release at Serena Hotel in August, and that’s when people will know how serious this is,” he said.

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