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Connie Tiffs

Connie’s tiffs : Who said money is the key to a woman’s heart?

The heat, heavy traffic and congested parking area had me wondering if driving around town on that day was a good idea. Suddenly, an arm waved at me and with a smile, pointed at a free parking slot across the road. Amid relief, I swerved, parked and thanked the security guard for his kind gesture. I found him standing patiently by the car upon my return. I knew then that I had to sort this guy out before he started singing that common “soda song”. However as I reached out for my bag to get it, the dude walked closer to my window and said; “No no madam, I do not want the money; you see, you are a very beautiful woman. And I have so many cows. With my cows I can get you a better car than this one and since I do not know how to drive, you can take me around as I make the investments, if I can have you as my woman.”
What an ego? I thought to myself as I drove off because clearly, I did not have time to waste listening to such nonsense. He even lost out on the tip, jeez! So this guard believes that he can carry all his small/big (whatever) investments- read cattle- and dump them onto any random chick that passesby in the pursuit of happiness? So do you still wonder why we have so many people committing suicide? Indeed it takes all sorts to make the world. So what is with the mentality of some men thinking that money rules the world and is the easiest route to hooking up anything? It does not matter whether one has it or not, they should live like they do?
Believe me; I will not act like a saint here refuting that money can be an incentive to having a better life, but that should not make this whole process of winning a girl’s heart fixed to one angle. We have all had it with the unending tales of heartbreaks thanks to broke dudes giving their all (dimes) to the supposedly wrong person.
But who knows, maybe the security guard above has the many cows to buy heaven on earth, and is the prince that wants to find the princess who loves him for who he is, as if in the movie Coming to America –lol. But even then, does it have to take that approach?
Like the adage goes, “never trouble trouble till trouble troubles you”   this guard and many others in this caliber ought to think twice before treading certain paths, if you know what I mean!

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