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Connie Tiffs

Connie’s tiffs : Tired of social media idlers bombarding my inbox

Keeping in touch with friends and family is key. The social network makes it even easier but what happens when it deprives one of their freedom, thanks to the many who misuse the platforms?

I do not know about you but I have heard it with all these additions/invites to weird groups and to play certain games with or without my permission.
I mean at one point, one is minding their own business and the next minute, they have been added to one or more groups on Whatsapp. Only for them to realise after scrutinising further that they do not know anyone in the list and above all are less concerned about the subject.
What makes anyone think that they can just wake up and lure others into their circle of boredom?
There was this annoying situation where this random person added me to a group that had all her relatives (please note that we are not even close) and there she was going on and on about how she missed everyone. Such madness!
Then you have the likes who just want to promote their stuff, collect funds (especially for their upcoming dos- jeez, the vice called “wedding collections”).
Funny thing is that this sort never sleeps. They will post about anything from the blind man who fell into a pot hole, the beggar that wipes cars on Jinja Road to the cartoon that cracked them up. In a nutshell the notifications keep coming throughout the day and night. Talk of an idle lot that is determined to stress life out of any sane being!
Oh! Need I mention the phone battery drain down and filling up memory cards? Like seriously, the way some idle people get excited with technology is rather disturbing.
What happened to remaining relevant through the right behaviour? If one wants to create a group, what is wrong with having the right audience? I mean make sure there is a common interest and mutual respect for each other’s time. Yes, if it is time to rest, let the rest take over as opposed to being selfish.

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