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Salvado’s dream to be a Hollywood star shattered

News spread so fast on sites and tabloids earlier last week, that comedian Patrick IdringI aka Salvado was in things! The stories were triggered off by a post by the comedian on his Facebook wall that indicated that God had answered his prayers, as he had clinched a deal to act in a Hollywood movie.
Although he remained tightlipped about details of the movie, Salvado went ahead and posted photos with the alleged Hollywood director and producer that had given him the deal.
He also posted photos of him in a priest’s attire and revealed that he was acting the role of Fr Moses. All seemed well and Salvado’s fans were really excited, but all that changed earlier this week. Instead of posting an update about his new Hollywood movie exciting role, Salvado posted a rant in which after highlighting disrespect from the producer, he referred to the project as a “low budget film,” and announced his exit from the project.
“I lowered my standards all in the name of experiencing the thrill of working with a Hollywood director, who was on point and knew what he was doing on this low budget movie. But getting disrespected by the producer, was just ridiculous. I have really worked so hard for my name to be taken for granted. I didn’t ask for much, but just mutual respect and understanding. Anyway, new opportunities will come my way and I know for sure. But for now, let me say, I’m sticking to comedy and my beloved Beneath the Lies,” read Salvado’s post.
When contacted, Salvado still didn’t give much detail, but he simply told us, “We fialed to agree on certain things, so I dropped the role.”

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