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Connie Tiffs

Connie’s tiffs : It’s a time to give … but not everyone will appreciate

The festive season, a time to give and make merry, is finally here. I have already heard some heavy vernacular accents getting excited about the trips to the village while the so called elites mbu are saving every little penny to spend and get wasted. Which is not such a bad thing really as long as it brings inner satisfaction, right?
However, if anyone ends up like the dude I’m going to tell you about, then they will have given Anne Kansiime a run for her money as they unleash free comedy.
I was one of the few who enjoyed unpaid for drama as I watched some guy aiming and missing his target on a cool laid back evening. He walked into this place and off he launched his prying eyes at the counter. You know that type that assumes they have come to hang out and play charity at the same time? Nga doesn’t this guy spot a ka gorgeous bird seemingly hanging out on her own? He quickly asked the waiter to give her a re-fill of the drink by her side.
The waiter swung and picked out a nicely chilled drink which he placed by her side, tapped her elbow and pointed at the source of charity, the man, who was grinning amidst excitement. Babe looked on in shock because she was taking a different type of drink altogether, so she shrugged off the waiter while ordering for her own drink. As if to add salt to injury, another guy walked and stood next to her, embarked on a serious kaboozi spree while sipping from the fresh chilled bottle of beer, in front of him that had been bought by the other guy.
The painful look of regret as he watched the other fellow sipping from a drink he had not spent on, and jazzing away with the gorgeous babe said it all – wasted efforts just!
Honestly, I have never laughed so hard in my life but thanks to these few minutes of drama, I “died”. Some things you hear of but can never imagine they actually happen in reality. Funny bit is that this poor chap seemingly lacked enough dimes to spend because his look of shock was like that of a man on his death bed after he’d been stabbed by that short stabbing spear from Zulu land- “The Asegai.”
Well, next time such a guy thinks of spending on any random chick, he should know better than to carry peanuts and have them all wasted up to no good.
Talk of giving wisely during this “happening season” aha – let me leave it at this before I break a rib laughing again and again and again!

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