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One month to go, save Ellah


It has been a fun week in the Big Brother Africa (BBA) house, thanks to Biggie’s endless surprises. He introduced the freeze game where housemates, once told to freeze, had to stop what they are doing and stay in the same posture for long. It was fun to watch. The housemates decided to run into the most comfortable positions whenever they heard Biggie’s voice. So Biggie decided to let midgets into the house to scare the housemates out of their positions. They were so scary, complete with knives. But even when knives were waved right at Macky2’s face, he barely flinched. It was so impressive.
Goitse kept her eyes closed with tears flowing. Everyone thought she was laughing until she opened them and it turned out the midgets terrified her so much that she cried. This experience saw us go through very emotional diary sessions. Given that the housemates have a lot of time to kill, the males like to spend a lot of it massaging the ladies. Idris is what Uganda’s Denzel was when he was in the house, on top of Goitse, he has added Ellah to the list of ladies he massages. Ellah kept on squealing and moaning as Idris did magic to her body. Ellah is also not in everyone’s good books. She is being blamed for Kacey’s eviction because they cuddled yet he is married. For some that is a cover up because they do not want to admit that she is a threat. She needs your vote in order to stay in the house. The fact that Rwanda’s Frankie is also up for eviction puts us in bad place because it is Rwanda that usually votes for us so vote for our girl.


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