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Sqoop – Get Uganda entertainment news, celebrity gossip, videos and photosSqoop – Get Uganda entertainment news, celebrity gossip, videos and photos

Four One One

Cranes’ same old sad story

Sqoop: Uganda has lost 2-0 meaning we now have to wait for 2017 if we are to qualify for the Africa Cup of nations … It’s the same old story.

Kirya Emmanuel J Journalist: Magogo as usual.

Andre Andie: Magogo should goooooo.

Elo Paulson: Naye what’s wrong with Uganda?

Robert Newman Webstar: We go we go 2017.

Kisooka Ivan: We are used.

Jairus Wab: Return Dr Amin Dada’s remains 2 qualify.

Indy Muliika: Yeeeeesssss!!!! tuwonye okwasama kwaba boda boda…

Chaze Godfrey: Hard luck.

Yiga Hassan Xavi: Yesssssssss, another year of waiting and tears again. Nze mbikooye mwe abalala suffer alone.

Aita Elizabeth: Again en again.

Atim Mercie: UG ‘ll neva qualify unless Amin’s body is brought 2 UG.

Douglus Mac Arthur: Mwana twabimanyira.

Gwari Thompson: It was bad omen when the president called, l shift to She-Cranes now. However they tried.

Halimah Halimat: Too bad naye dos things happen.

Bryan Gangs: That’s the same reason I’m chillin wiz a coffee spirit in my room…

Ssendawula Alex: Micho, Mwesigwa, Massa, Onyango should retire.

Denis Omal: Whoever denied the remains of Late President Idi Amin from being layed to rest in Uganda is the cause to Cranes downfall.

Robert Ojako: Hw hape would u be if we had won, as we did 2 Ghana.

Toni Titus: Terrible.

Yiga Boby: Twakowa.

Earlyx Degame Baguma: We come we come, Uganda Cranes we come.

Kinene Miry: Behold my frnds, it will come 2 pass.

Charlie Trixibell: Andy Mwesigwa, yo turning our joy into tears. Instead of scoring, your just earning a red card…

Mwidu Edwine Pedro: I didn’t want Mwesigwa to finish his Cranes career like this because I don’t know why he shd stay on the team anyway.

Hillary P’lary Kalinzi: Too bad…

Waiswa Paul: Wowww, mulabye enaku (uve seen daiz)

Oweka Jimx: Who said a bunch of over satisfied Ugandans can run??!!! Check hw they are embarrassing us.

Yatsin Tu-act Xtremes: Nze UG yantama when it comes to football.

Atim Mercie: Era UG we r used.

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