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Fan has fun with Phina ‘Shakira’


Uganda’s shakira: She has been off the music scene and her fan Catherine sought her out and the two spent time together.

Who is Phina ‘Masanyalaze’?
She is a God-fearing person, an artiste, a businesswoman, a mother and a dancer.

How long have you been in the music industry?
I started music in 2006 with my song, Masanyalaze.

What inspired that song?
I wouldn’t say it was based on anything, it was just like any composition but I was also surprised when it became a hit and because of that, I’m planning to do a remix soon.

How many songs do you have so far?
About 15.

Are you planning a concert any time soon?
Yes, next year.

Why then?
I believe I wasn’t ready yet, I’m one artiste who has fans in different sectors. Some enjoy my dances, others my songs, while others like me as a mother yet some are my clients. I want to have my own show, with only two curtain raisers.

Where did you learn the dance strokes from?
I think I was born a dancer, I used to participate in dance classes and my mom used to train me. She was also a dancer in her days.

Where did you get the title Uganda’s Shakira?
The first article about me, I don’t remember in which newspaper. But I remember the writer telling me I dance like Shakira and from then on, the name stuck.

What are you upto now?
I’m soon releasing my single Nakoye. It was recorded at Bigtune studios and written by Saxess. I also opened up a dancing and modeling agency called Skyland International in Entebbe, and I also own a children’s boutique in Entebbe.

What are the qualities of a dancer?
It’s simple. Just love what you do and be innovative.

Are you the one who invented Calypso dance in Uganda?
Yes, I did because before Bobi Wine’s Bada song, the dance wasn’t anywhere. I also saw it in old videos and rehearsed it and added a few things to make it more interesting.

Who is your best Ugandan artiste?
Jose Chameleone. He can do anything for his career and he doesn’t pretend. Female, it has to be Joanita Kawalya; she is my counsellor, my other mother, and she has been there in my trying moments.

How were you able to handle the pressure from the father of your children?
Everything is in the bin. I don’t remember anything about Ken. I’m just concentrating on my son and my singing career.

How is motherhood?
It is fun and respect to all responsible mothers. My son is four years old now and he goes to Skyland International School. He’s my best friend, my adviser, and designer. I want him to be a pilot and I always take him to the airport.

Tell me about your family?
I was born to Mr Francis Kiwanuka Biliseki and Ms Annet Komugisha. I’m the second born of five children and the only artiste.


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