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TPF winner Davis meets fan


lucky fellow: Two time Tusker Project Fame winner Davis Ntare meets his fan Isabella Mutetsi, a business lady in Kampala over lunch and the two talk about his Project Fame experience.

Hi Davis. It’s nice meeting you. How have you been?
Nice to meet you too. I haven’t been complaining because everything is in order.

You are the only Ugandan to have won two Tusker Project Fame seasons. How does it feel?
It feels nice because I was able to represent my country at a top level. I felt honoured and privileged as I am one of the Ugandans to have done something for my country.

Did you expect to win?
In every competition, there is supposed to be a winner and as time went on, I became more confident each day that passed by and on the final day after my performance, I swear I could hear the judges mumbling my name but I wasn’t so sure though something in me was like you are the winner and when my name was finally mentioned, I couldn’t believe I had done it, not only for me but for my country as well.

What experience did you get in the TPF (Tusker Project Fame)?
I auditioned for the fourth season in 2010 and I won, then I was recalled to participate in the All-star season in 2012 that comprised previous winners and runners up, but this was aimed at choosing the best three who happened to be me, Alpha from Rwanda and Musechu from Tanzania to perform with Shaggy, Cabo Snoop and Eve in a concert organised in Kenya.

How much did you win?
I won Ksh5m (about Shs147m) at the time for the fourth season but for the all-star season, we were paid daily and $3,000 (Shs7.8m) each for the main concert.

What did you use the money for?
I bought land and used some for personal matters.

Besides the cash price, what else did you receive as the winner?
I was given a scholarship, a life insurance for three years incase anything happened to me, security guards who would escort me wherever I went, for a year, I was given a retreat at White Sands Hotel in Mombasa for three months and a recording deal for two years at Universal Records in South Africa.

What do your friends like about you?
I’m loving, caring and funny. Infact I’m a comedian to only my friends.

What is your favourite dish?
Pillawo drives me crazy, even chicken but I don’t eat fish and pork. I just learnt to eat meat because I was a vegetarian back then.

How many songs do you have so far?
I have over 50 songs but like every musician, I’m waiting for that one breakthrough song that will get me there.
What can’t you live without?
My guitar. It’s the only thing that controls my stress and it’s the main reason I emerged the winner in TPF.

Where did you learn to play it from?
Surprisingly, I taught myself by Googling guitar codes and then playing them using someone’s guitar, though he almost killed me when I broke one of the strings. Out of my little savings, I bought a guitar from Katwe and it’s that particular one that I took to the Project Fame house, but it was eventually stolen. It was my lucky guitar.

Are you signed under any label?
Yes. Kinetic.

Your message to anyone who would want to take part in TPF?
Believe in yourself before anyone can believe in you, perfect your art, understand your voice range, be original, perfect your stage performance and put your style in your comfort zone.






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