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Connie Tiffs

connie’s tiffs : We don’t need a National Anthem remix

Corrie-largeSo the Ministry of Tourism intends to hire a team to revamp our National Anthem? Interesting.

I can never understand the source of such crazy ideas.
Let me get this straight, the National Anthem was composed in 1961, and since then we have sang, gained and taken pride in this song.
Too much pride that at one point, we talked about the government giving more recognition to thr late George Kakoma, the person who composed it. I doubt I have ever seen or heard a single Ugandan complaining about this anthem. Anyways, from the look of things, I could be wrong huh? I mean, when I saw the likes of Alex Mukulu over the news dilly-dallying with words like, “…Our National Anthem starts with mourning, Oh! Uganda, Oh! Uganda…”
I was like really? So why did it have to take this long for them to criticise it? I still don’t get it. If I did not know too well, I would think that some of these people are experiencing the after effects to the You Want Another Rap track that hit all air waves and became the talk of everyone.
So they hope to have some extra beats and oba coupled with some dance strokes?
With all due respect, I have never experienced a situation where tourists have failed to visit a country because they have issues with their national anthem, neither have I seen people failing to sing along/respect their anthem because they find it boring.
For crying out loud, this is not a track that has to hit at the clubs or fetch awards for it to go through a remix of sorts. We have grown up listening to and appreciating our National Anthem. Above all, we have held respect for it. So this whole idea is quite ridiculous and in my view, that money could solve a lot of leadership and financial issues that have probably drained the spirit of patriotism from many Ugandans.
So instead of employing a whole group of music technocrats to help us in getting patriotic, how about we worked at doing what is right, using that Shs200m to solve pressing issues and then wait and see if all Ugandans will not stand up, sing and passionately shout out to the world each time the anthem is played like the Brazilians have done during this World Cup season?


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