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UCU: Is campus expanding?

Apparently this is a year of expansion for UCU. Putting aside the latest extensions of the girls’ halls of residence and the new lecture buildings that are being constructed in the Mbale campus, new residential buildings and lecture rooms are also being put up at the main campus in Mukono.

According to the information going around campus, these buildings are meant for the foreign students. There were complaints last year that foreign students who pay double the tuition of local students (which is quite a lot of money) were not given any special treatment. And they were being assigned to old rugged halls of residence that look like they have been here for centuries.

As a result, the university has decided to construct them new buildings to account for their money. Information gathered so far indicates that nothing special will be added to the new buildings as compared to the rest of the halls of residence on campus. However these buildings are being built outside the walls of the main campus. And the question on everyone’s lips is, is there going to be a new campus for foreign students or it is still going to remain the same campus with expanded perimeters?


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