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Dr Hilderman desecrated the church

I am picturing a scenario where a celebrity has to dress for the occasion. Especially, one where they are the centre of attraction, say at an album launch, movie premiere, name it. It’s never easy, I can imagine. I mean we have heard of some trying on over 15 outfits before getting to the most ideal.

I guess this could explain the reason behind some bizarre and killer looks. However, while some international celebrities like Lady Gaga can get away with showing up in beef, Nicki Minaj dressed in a red hooded gown accompanied by a man dressed as a pope, it is harder on this other side.
I mean any of these can explain how they were lost for choice, and settled for one talented designer in the end to make an outfit to suit their liking.

But some of our local chaps here can choose to take the local line in its real sense. Too local that they just get desperate and blunder all the way. I mean you have seen some of them looking like fake robots, lousy soldiers in fake camouflage, all in the name of emulating the cheap matching titles like “big size”, “doctor”, “titanic”, “technology”, the list goes on.

Okay let us forget the above for a second and switch to this Hillary Kiyaga a.k.a. Dr Hilderman. What was this guy thinking when he showed up in bishop’s attire at his album launch? Was he that desperate that he had to pick that particular outfit? To make matters worse, it was made out of this evidently cheap material that could not go unnoticed, jeez! What reason would one give for such dreadful acts? And please save us that cliché line; “I never meant to hurt anyone”. Really?

Even a three year old knows how important their religion is and how to treasure it. Now if a grown man, who even took the time to get joined with his wife in holy matrimony in the same church, does not know the meaning behind honouring their religion, then clearly this world has gone to the dogs.

I still don’t know if this act was meant to fetch Dr Hilderman more fans than his track Amelia did because if that was the case, then these were wasted efforts. Nicki Minaj, for example, did that and got away with it, probably because society is different and besides she attached some respect and did not go around playing Pope like Hilderman, did blessing people at one point as if he had the right to!

Without seeming like I am taking sides here, some of these artistes should stop being “copy cats” and instead find what works for them, in their respective societies. Surely this does not need a rocket scientist to figure out, does it?


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