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Date with a celeb: Jackie Chandiru meets fan

Jackie poses with her fan. PHOTO BY ISAAC SSEJJOMBWEFormerly of Blu3, Jackie Chandiru is one of the most sought- after female artistes in Uganda. She has quite a number of hits that have helped her stay relevant in the music industry. She meets her fan Jarkey B, a business woman in Kampala.

Hi namesake. When did you realise you had the talent to be a musician?
I realised I could sing when I actually won the competition of the Coca cola pop stars.

How old are you?
I believe a random person or persons made that assumption for me quite recently but I’m old enough.

What are the three things you can’t live without?
I can’t live without my God, phone and Penguins of Madagascar (the movie)! Please don’t laugh.

How has the music journey been for you? 

Being in the music industry has been one of my hardest journeys I must say. Starting music on my own was hard, everyone wanted money, people barely believed in me and media predictions made it worse because they said I would be the least successful of the Blu3 girls. It was and still is a jungle.

You are one of the most talented female artistes in Uganda. What strategy have you been using to stay at the top of your game?
I learnt a lot from my mentor Steve Jean. We always doubted his theories because we were young and wanted things done the fastest way possible. We never understood why he never rushed … that’s when I learnt that one must always take time to get things right. I am never in a rush to release songs, I actually record a whole bunch of them, then sit with my team and decide what’s next. He taught us to always let music speak or fight a battle.

What do you look at before releasing a song?
The market. It’s important you study the people, sounds they like, what’s trending and create your own portion.

It is widely known that female artistes are often taken advantage of to get at the top. How has it been for you?
Yes, it is true females are taken advantage of, I’m glad I didn’t use that route to get to where I am. If I am talented, why ask for my body to prove it? My mother raised us to be honest ladies. I love music but not enough to give up my pride and dignity to a producer. Our bodies are God’s temple, they must be kept clean and not used for such favours.

Your performance is so energetic, do you take anything before you hit the stage?
Yes I do … water.

What is the best studio you’ve recorded from?
They all have different sound, so it really depends on the song and what sound you are looking for.

What is your best food?
Rice, Matooke, greens and g-nut sauce…simply awesome.

Tell me about your family background.
We are Protestants, hardworking, with the most beautiful woman for a mother, Josephine (by the way I tattooed her name on myself) and a handsome daddy. We grew up on Wampewo Avenue in Kololo and relocated to Ntinda. The rest is really deep family stuff. Mum is a Muganda and daddy is from Arua, in West Nile.


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