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Who owns Fat Boys?

Fat Boys

A few weeks ago, we broke the news of the sale of popular Fat Boys bar. We disclosed that Fat Boys owners, Ivan Kaganzi and Spear Abowe had sold management rights of the hangout to a company that was identified as Grande Entertainment.

Earlier rumors indicated Ivan and Spear had sold the bar but Ivan later clarified that they had only sold management rights to Grande Entertainment.

Since then, we embarked on investigations to identify the people behind Grande Entertainment; and we are happy to share with you the findings. Grande Entertainment is owned by Bill Tibingana.

The newly wed Bill, whose love for the bitter is a well known fact amongst his friends, is believed to have presented an irresistible offer of $20,000 (about Shs52m) to Spear and Ivan.

Bill has launched a massive marketing strategy that involves partnering with a beverage company to invest into the business. We can now reveal that Bill is likely to have reached an understanding with Nile Breweries who we have heard are set to start on works to adjust Fat Boys to their standard!

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