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Fashion Tip: Over the knee boots


A good way to tone down a short outfit or add some length to your legs.

There are days when you want to step out in short clothes, but then the weather ruins your plans, by turning chilly. Not to worry, all this can be solved by one very trendy and versatile item — over the knee boots.

These boots will help you cover up, while grabbing everyone’s attention in any room you walk into. There is the added advantage of making your legs look longer.

They are not only worn with short items, but can also be worn with skinny jeans, leggings, or tights.

Keep in mind though that when you choose to wear along item like jeans, then you have to tuck them in, so that you can show off those boots.

These boots come in a wide range of colours, although the black ones are the commonest, simply because black is easy to match.

The nature of the over the knee boots, makes them outstanding on your outfit, so it’s advisable to keep the other items to a minimum. This means minimal jewellery, simple clothing items, and the like.

Also these boots are tight-fitting, so in order to create a balance with your outfit, you may need to have on a loose fitting top or dress.

For instance, you can have on a pair of blue-white skinny jeans, a loose fitting top, and then throw on your boots. You can also wear these boots with a dress, skirt, or even shorts. Ensure that these items are not skin tight, especially the top as this makes it look like they are competing with the already tight boots

The over the knee boots are not for the faint-hearted, and it would not be wise for some one that is not good with walking in heels to try them out because it will just be awkward, especially for the people who see you walking in them.

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