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Date with a Celeb: Big Trill meets fan

Big Trill

He is six feet-four inches tall, he’s arguably the fastest rapper in the region, a song writer and he is part of Baboon Forest Entertainment. Big Trill meets his fan Andrew Allshorn, a boutique owner.

Briefly describe Big Trill
Big Trill is a simple, down to earth, educated and the second to last born out of five children. I’m signed to Baboon Forest Entertainment and a hip hop artist.

What does Big Trill stand for?
It stands for Born in Greatness to Rise into a Legend.

What is your real name?
Raymond Rowland Kaiza.

Which schools did you attend?
I went to Nakasero Primary School, Rubaga Boys and Turkish Llight Academy.

Are you married?
No not yet. I’m so single.

Why did you join the music industry?
I grew up in an environment full of hip hop. My brothers always brought hip hop magazines and tapes which influenced me to like the genre.

Listening to 2pac and Biggie exposed me to hip hop. I guess it was destiny that I ended up in the music industry.

Who inspired you to join the music industry?
It was basically GNL, Navio, Jay Z, Nas and a guy in me called Big Trill.

You also do radio presentation. Why do you think about artistes joining TV and radio?
Well I’m multi-talented I guess hehehe. Anyway, I think it’s cool for your fans to relate to you off the stage.

Why did you go for a less recognised style (hip hop) in a community predominantly dominated by local music?
Everyone has a like and dislike and Hip Hop defines me. It’s what I fell in love with out of all music genres.

Uganda is full of talent when it comes to the music industry. What makes you different from other hip hop artists?
I am Big Trill. That’s the difference.

How many albums do you have?
I’m releasing my first album titled White Shadows on the November 29 at Club Venom.

Your songs have odd titles like “Jaba Shake”, Straka money”, Push harder” among others, what inspires you to write them?
I inspire myself. I like things that have a lasting impression. If I give my songs titles that are ordinary, chances are that they’ll fade fast.

What has made you stay with Baboon Forest for this long?
It’s not just a label we are a family. We do things together, we are not hypocrites and we have a strong bond.

You guys were too excited after winning in the Club music video awards. Was that your first award as Baboon Forest?
Not exactly. We have won several awards like Buzz Teeniez awards, Pam Awards, among others. We celebrated because we accomplish stuff every day. We deserved the award and like they say, “Party hard and work harder”.

Who do you think are Uganda’s top five hip hop artists?
Big Trill, Mun G, Gnl , Navio and Keko.

Where do you think hip hop is heading?
I believe it’s heading in the right direction and thanks to artists like GnL, Keko, Navio among others. By 2015, it’s going to be the leading genre in East Africa.

Five years from now. Where is Big Trill?
Spearheading Baboon Forest International and being one of Africa’s finest. I will also have done collaborations with Rihanna and Jay Z, among others.

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Cap: Andrew Allshorn interviews hip hop artiste Big Trill. Photo by Isaac Ssejjombwe.

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