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Connie Tiffs

Connie’s Tiffs: Let’s preserve our morals

Apparently we have moved from embracing nudity to staging orgy nights! Shocked, huh? Yeah, so was I upon reading from the tabloids about the so called Kampala sex orgy nights. What has gone wrong with this country? I remember some years back when kimansulo shows had started to eat the moral fabric of society bit by bit, strict laws were put in place to curb the vice. Now when I read about these planned weird activities, fully fledged with guest appearances of renowned porn stars, I could not help the shock that swept through my entire body.

If I may ask, have the organisers stopped to think about the moral degeneration? Then, is this the best activity that they would come up with to avail entertainment? And what is the motive behind it all? To confuse the Ugandans by introducing them to some of those sick stunts from the western world? Wonders shall never end!

It is true that a good number of us can be so determined to copy how things are done in other parts of the world. And in so doing, we have really had our hands burnt but do we ever learn?

What we have failed to understand is that, we all have different backgrounds. It does not make us stupid, backward or wrong in anyway.

Yes, it does not. And much as we have had several of our brothers and sisters flying off mbu in search of greener pastures only for them to come back and tell all sorts of good and bad tales, the most outstanding word is that “home is always best”.

So what is wrong with us preserving what is and has remained the best for us as opposed to contaminating it with all sorts of wrong imports? It definitely should not come in as a surprise that the organisers of such activities are kivez (like they call them) who practically think that for us here , we have seen nothing yet hence they need to flash some light (basing on what they have experienced in the life outside) and we shall be redeemed.

I think it is about time we started to sieve and think about what we need to achieve minus minting the dimes of course. I am certain that Ugandans are the kind that will attend anything for the sake of it without looking at the further picture- which is one of our greatest weakness oba?

But for this time, I request that guys do the needful. I mean what is a porn star going to bring to the table? Is it her personality that we shall all envy, her life or the wicked touch to disorganise every sane human being?

And who needs such wickedness anyways? Make no mistake, whether an international porn star is being imported or not, it does not take away the fact that our morals should be placed in check at all times, at least in the interest of this generation and many more to come.

In the end, it is better we pay more attention to the repercussions as opposed to wallowing away in the moment for the sake of it or in the name of “going with the flow” even when it makes no sense at all!

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