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Connie Tiffs

Connie’s Tiffs: Lesson from UCU sex tape: Think before you act

Isn’t it amazing how things fly by here? At one moment, “the royal divorce” is on fire, and the next, it is the sickening sex videos.

At this rate this country is going bananas. I can only imagine what today’s parent has to do to ensure that they secure the best for their children.

I mean, imagine toiling to cough a lump sum of dimes in the name of giving the best to your child and half way into the journey, they are releasing a sex video?

I do not know whether to blame the society, increasing rate of sick heads or this era that has exposed us to so much hence ceased to remember what our culture stands for!

Oba, do these people even realise how uncool they look, trying so hard to imitate what has never applied to them in the first place?

And when will all this madness stop? Now, the most annoying bit is that when one clip goes viral, all the these wannabe information channels try so hard to give more of the sick content as if that is the best that our eyes can be treated to, gosh!

Now, the saddest bit of it is when we switch to throwing daggers and playing the blame game. For example, when the recent sex video involving students from Uganda Christian University (UCU) came out, everyone was quick to throw the blame on the institution, saying this and that about what it should and should not have done. Basically the name UCU was more pronounced than the individuals who committed the act.

But guess what? It is not the institution that seconded this behaviour. Also, it is not the university that has groomed, raised and bred these insane individuals who later indulged and embraced such unfathomable behaviour.

When a child is handed over to an authority (school, institution, work place) that environment can only do the best to support the morals that have been instilled in them from the onset or make amendments where necessary.

In the long run, the choice to stray or stick to the right path depends entirely on you and me. In a nutshell, this business of branding the wrong acts, committed by consenting adults onto the secondary authority in charge does not solve anything. Blame the people who have indulged in it, rebuke them and further seek proactive ways to ensure that some of these things are wiped out for good by the way.

And for those people who do not think before they act, banaye, for the record, things are as simple as sticking to what describes you morally. I certainly do not expect anyone to demand any further explanation on this!

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