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The Nambwisos make it official


Eleanor Nansibo and Mathew Nabwiso (Gilo and Hope to you) had a low-key wedding last weekend at All Saints Cathedral. Yes a low key wedding. That is top level celebrity drama, right there. (You know JLo and others) so you better believe us when we say our local celebs are starting to play in the big league.

Any how, because it was so low key, we missed out on the actual event(imagine!) but we caught the tweet Mathew shared of their entwined hands with their wedding bands, complete with the caption “That’s the Worap!”

The couple who had an introduction last year when Hope oba Eleonor,oba Nansibo,oba Mrs Nabwiso (take your pick) was pregnant with their baby boy, are currently on their honeymoon. We do not know where the secret getaway is but from the picture Eleanor shared on FB it is an exotic destination definitely. I know what you want to say so why don’t we do it together? On the count of three…..Soooooome!

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